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All winnings of offering for Church or good cause.

Bingo with a Twist!OFFERING: Each tablet requires an offering that is equal to all other players. The offering can be given to your church offering.
CALLER: Shuffle Flash cards. When ready to play, call out name on Flash card and wait for players to mark their cards.

Four Ways to Play & Win!

#1 First person to get five tokens in a row on their tablet and yell “Holy Moses” wins!
#2 First person to fill their tablet with 25 tokens and yell “Holy Moses” wins!
#3 Add the spinner to the game. When the flash cards are called and your commandment is called you must spin the spinner. Based on where your spinner lands, you must add to the offering and continue regular play. If your spinner lands on “God Bless”, you yell out “Holy Moses” and you win the entire offering automatically.
#4 Remove the spinner and add one more offering bowl to the game. Now there are two offerings #1 and #2. To win offering #1 you must have five tokens in a row and yell out “Holy Moses.” Start another game and contribute to both offerings again so that offering #2 continues to grow. To win offering #2, a player must get one commandment card called and four tokens in each corner as shown below. Must select option A or B before the game starts!